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The two greatest comedians of all time. Or at least recent time. Whatever

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I know a lot of people say Richard Pryor is the greatest standup comedian of all time. And I get it. Dude was fucking hilarious. And the two people I'm about to mention wouldn't exist without him. Call him Number Three.
But I will say right now (and because there are no comments on this site, you have to just suffer through my opinion) Greg Giraldo was the greatest comedian of all time. Period. End of sentence. Full Stop. 
Greg died in 2010 of a drug overdose. 
But he was, beyond doubt, the greatest comedian of all time. Full stop. (Again)
Watch this and you will know why.
Never before or since has a comedian been able to dial directly into the soul of everything that was wrong and everything that was right about modern society.
But Number Two comedian is almost as good, and completely worthy of consideration. 

Sarah Silverman
My wife hates Sarah Silverman. Thinks she's gross and inappropriate. 
And she's right. Sarah is gross. And inappropriate.
And that makes her hilarious.
She is, perhaps, the greatest comedian alive, because she does not care one bit what you think about her. Instead, she cares what is true and what is funny, which oftentimes are the same things. 
I am a huge fan of Patton Oswalt, who I would pay any amount of money to see live, but the truth is, among living comedians, I would see Sarah first, then Patton, then Anthony Jeselnik and then Daniel Tosh. 
Wrong is often right. And these comedians make it easy to love. Sarah, come to Oklahoma so I can see you. Also, Patton. And Anthony. And Daniel.
I'm sorry to say Greg Giraldo will never make it here. But he would find me in the front row.