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The internet is ruined

If you're a Cliff's Notes kind of person (do they still make those?), you can sum up this entire post by reading a tweet I made earlier:
And yes, I totally get the juxtaposition of me using social media to complain about social media, thank you very much. Still, the point is valid. Social media started out as a great equalizer, giving everyone ostensibly the same standing to say whatever the hell it was people have always wanted to say.
Turned out, most people are full of shit, and nobody cared what they had to say. So they started turning evil.
Now, back in the mid-to-late 90s and early aughts, I had a fairly popular blog on this domain name, and later on ineffableman.com (when people I worked with started noticing my blog posts and reporting them to my bosses). Back then, blogs were all the rage, with mine, CyberAgatha, Antidisestablishmentarian, Pisser and a group of others led by the only one left standing, Raymi The Minx. We were all online acquaintances and we kept a fairly tight circle with a cumulative group of tens of thousands of fans. And we wrote about dumb shit. All of us. People would come along and comment, and their comments were equally inane and completely without social or intellectual merit. And it was ... dare I say, fun. And that's ALL it was.
Then came MySpace. And Friendster. And suddenly, people started getting the idea that EVERYONE could say something online, and though they had equal amounts of nothing to say, they were less effective at saying it than the professional writers like me and my friends, so they started getting shitty when they couldn't get their points across. But even then, it was easy to ignore them.
Cue Facebook, which Agatha (Tomasik, of CyberAgatha fame) introduced me to way back in something like 2006. Once that site grew into the monster we now know it to be, people started getting horrible, throwing shade at things just to be contrary. And the Internet was ruined.
It doesn't matter what you say anymore, someone is going to either call you names, list reasons why you're being insensitive and horrible to someone else, elucidate the reasons you're an ignorant asshole or share your post with their friends using their morally superior reasons why you should be ridiculed. It sucks. And I really, really hate it. 
How about this: Let's just all agree that people are different, and just because someone hasn't been to the same seminars as you doesn't mean they're assholes. I mean, you clearly are one, but not everyone else is.