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So hey, Reagan supporters, Ronnie didn't really end Communism. Tom Brokaw did.

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Yeah. Those of you who worship Ronald Reagan (my mother and about half of the rest of the country), he was a doddering old fool who did nothing but fuck the shit out of the economy and take credit for shit he never did while denying credit for shit he really did. (Iran-Contra, I'm looking directly at you).
If you aren't watching "Reanimated History" with Adam Conover, you're missing out, by the way.
Turns out, Reagan's "Mister Gorbachev, tear down this wall" speech did literally nothing to actually tear down the Berlin Wall. Two years after the speech, a German bureaucrat tasked with explaining new travel restrictions panicked when asked the wrong question, and during a later interview with American super-Journalist Tom Brokaw panicked again and said the wall was coming down.
Which led West-German teens to run with the story and dismantle the wall.
Reagan, who by that time was imagining his own pee to be golden showers from heaven, had absolutely nothing to do with it. So the wall, and by proxy communism in Russia, died because Tom Brokaw pressed the point. 
The More You Know ®.