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Of course I'm biased. But my news isn't.

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I am biased. As evidenced by, oh, everything on this blog o mine.
I'm not left-leaning, I'm left. I supported Bernie Sanders. I think Donald Trump is the worst president in history and should be tried for treason. 
I. Am. Biased.
And anyone who tells you they're not biased is lying to you, and possibly to themselves. We all have opinions, no matter how we got them, and we view the world through the prisms of them.
But the media owe it to you to not allow those biases to make it into the coverage they provide, and frankly, most of them are doing a shitty job of it.
Fox News is intensely biased to the right. CNN and MSNBC to the left. The Wall Street Journal to the right. The Washington Post to the left. On and on it goes, where it ends, politics blows.
The fact that we know which way these publications lean is a profound failure on their part. Facts are facts, things that happened should never be based on opinions. I think Donald Trump sucks big donkey balls, but I once took up for him because I felt in that instance he was being treated unfairly. And that's my point. I don't like taking up for the hairball, but reporting is not the place to be airing political opinions. 
People who read my news site every day, but have not had the misfortune of stumbling onto this site, have absolutely no idea whether I'm a conservative or a liberal or something in-between, because my news site reports neither side. My site reports what's going on, without injecting my ridiculous opinions into it.  
Unfortunately, the large media outlets in our country feel no such need to restrain themselves. And that's to the detriment of our country, because when the people we get our information from are twisting that information before it ever reaches us, we might as well put on jumpsuits, a la 1984.