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Everybody loved attorney Mike Samuelson.

Well, except for whoever killed him and chopped him into pieces.

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The cops are baffled as the killer seems to know all their moves. Mike's brother, Steve, is a reformed fire-and-brimstone preacher who was just mending their minced relationship, but now he must figure out who minced his brother. A strange little man and a high-school beauty whose false claim of rape may have touched off the murder seem anxious to help, but can the unlikely team figure out who the killer is before he realizes they're chasing him?

"Minister of Justice is a gritty, revenge-soaked roller coaster of a book. If you like your murder mysteries raw and honest, this is one you'll find hard to put down."

Daryl Buckner, author of The Tutor and Candy From a Stranger

"A series of grisly murders ... plot twists will keep readers awake late into the night ... gripped me early and remained fascinating ... intriguing characters ... my favorite, David, a "Rainman" type whose specific skills of observation and deduction point the path to the climactic scene... First rate..."

Betty Ridge, author of Deadlines: Covering Crime, Courage and Characters

"The tension never lets up in this classic page-turner mystery ... A quartet of unlikely characters pursue the serial killer and along the way discover insights to themselves as well as solve other heinous crimes. We can only hope to see them together again."

Bob Zeanah, author of Work to Do

Minister of Justice (ISBN 9781937327675) is the story of Steve Samuelson, who is as embarrassed about his former religious fundamentalism as he is horrified by his brother's savage murder. As he works to wrap up his brother's affairs, the police don't seem to be coming up with any clues, but a strange little man with a quirky manner of speaking — but an eye for detail — does. An awkward apology from the high-school beauty whose rape case Steve's brother was working on creates an impromptu crime-solving team that just might be bringing more danger to themselves than finding the murderer.

Part a coming-of-age teen story and part mid-life crisis story wrapped in a serial killer mystery, Minister of Justice introduces readers to a cast of colorful characters with some real surprises along the way.

Minister of Justice is published by Moonshine Cove Publishing. It is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com and major book retailers.

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