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I've been guest on a bunch of TV shows. 

Starting in the early 1990s with The Deborah Duncan Show in Houston, I've been in demand as a guest on local and national shows. 


DatelineNBC used me extensively for background information

In 2006, while my friend Sean Goff's trial was going on, DatelineNBC producer Charmaine Lewis interviewed me extensively for background information on the Keith Morrison special that later ran for the case I later featured in my book, Deadly Vows. I ended up on-screen in the special, but my contributions behind the scenes were more extensive than my on-screen time. 

Deadly Devotion

I was a primary source for this DiscoveryID special

In 2011-2012, I was interviewed numerous times over a series of months about the same case for a DiscoveryID Channel special - and later interviewed on-screen at the heaviest I had ever been in my life (I've since lost around 100 pounds). The first call, in September of 2011, made me realize the Sean Goff story wasn't going away, and maybe it was time someone on the inside set the record straight. Because here's the thing: Despite all the crazy shit Sean did, he was my best friend and I loved him. I loved Joy. I loved all the people involved in the story, and I thought the story deserved to be told from the perspective of someone who cared about the people involved while still didn't find himself distracted by the hype surrounding the case. That's when I decided to write the book that later became Deadly Vows (my working title was "Holy Love, Love ... MURDER", which I thought was way better than the one the publisher picked. That said, they put up all the money to publish the book, so they got no argument from me).

Legends and Lies

I was a featured expert in three episodes of the smash first season of Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies

In 2014, I was asked by a producer for information regarding Bass Reeves, a black US Marshal from the late 1800s who was from the town I live in. The show was going to be Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies for the Fox News Channel. During the interview process, the producer discovered that I knew a lot about other historical outlaws and lawmen, and they asked me to be an on-screen expert. So I did, and over the years, I've been recognized more for that than almost any other thing I've done on TV, since the thing turned out to be wildly popular and a ratings winner for the channel.


I was born with a face that's perfect for radio, so I've done a lot of radio interviews over the years. Here are two of them:

101.7 FM INTERVIEW ON DEADLY VOWS (audio, 5 minutes)

Okie Country 101.7 did an interview with me about my book, Deadly Vows. They also interviewed me about Minister of Justice, but I don't have an audio file of that one. 


Burl Barer, one of the nation's most enduring radio personalities and true crime authors, interviewed me for his Outlaw Radio show, and ended up saying I was one of the best guests he's had in his four decades of radio interviewing. Also interviewing me on the show was Howard Lapides, a Hollywood producer famous for The Man Show and Freddy Got Fingered, as well as Dr. Drew's Lifechangers.


This is a YouTube video of one of my favorite radio interviews, from Ocela, Florida on the WOCA News Talk radio show (only my voice appears in this video):

So I was interviewed by some guy online about my books and whatnot.
It was a good interview. 
Read it.

Interview me

I don't bite. You can interview me by contacting me here or by calling 918-348-1708. If you're wanting to talk to me about Deadly Vows, my nonfiction agent, Sharlene Martin, insists you contact her first.