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Well, this is a pleasant surprise

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I'm not sure how a Goodreads reader got a copy of Robby The R-Word to read before it's released, but as I was perusing the publisher's Web site while offering suggestions on the press packet they're preparing, I noticed that my book had indeed been reviewed. And it's good. 
"A captivating thriller that kept me questioning my commitment to the main character," reviewer Talya says. "This book uses modern technology and deceit in clever ways that will keep you reading for more!"
I'm flattered. And I'm fascinated by how different people take away different things from the book. I'm glad she was questioning her commitment to Robby during the book, because that's what I wanted readers doing—after all, there's a chance that Robby himself is the bad guy (I can't tell you whether he is or not until you read the book). And the idea that she picked up on the technology I've smattered throughout the book is nice, too. And the deceit, which I think would be better termed "misdirection," but still, you say potato, I say tomato. 
Either way, I'm proud to have this book's first reader review from someone I don't know and who doesn't get paid to review books. That's better, in my opinion, than anything.