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Well, looky there; Robby has his own page now

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Robby the R-Word page at Promotory Press
I was talking to a rather famous minister about co-writing a book detailing the very public struggle he had when Christianity turned its back on him, so I started googling myself to see what he would see if he also googled me. Spoiler: I should delete this entire site, according to my wife, but I countered back that this site shows who I am, and if people get here and don't like it, that's fine, because they don't want me if they can't handle the fact that I sometimes cuss and say offensive things. 
A guy can still be a Christian and do all those things, and I can prove it in the Bible. But that's an entry for another day.
In the course of googling myself (I rarely google; I use Duck Duck Go instead, but I switch to google sometimes to see what other people are seeing), I found that Promontory Press, the publisher for Robby the R-Word, had posted the picture of me that was supposed to be used on the back of the book:
Shut up. It's hard to find a good picture of me. 
Also, I'd like to talk with the iPhone about making my teeth look like that. 

So I thought, that's new. So I went to the page it was linked from, and behold, they had an author page up on me, and from that author page, they linked to a book page about Robby the R-Word, which isn't due out until spring. And it has a new summary of the book on it, which I also like. 
And then, going back to the google search, I saw this:
Um, what?
Because I am the author of a true crime book where a polygamist minister actually did murder one of his wives, I thought briefly that some weirdo had put this together as a commentary on my book or me, or something else that only made sense in the weirdo's mind.  Turns out there's just a web comic called "The comic adventures of Left and Right," about a thing that faces left and another thing that faces right. And in this one panel, the dude just stumbled upon my name. Weird, right? 
Anyway, if you're the minister I was talking about and you ended up on this page, don't worry about the stuff here. I can still write a respectful book that will tell your story, because I believe in it and I think it's a story that deserves to be told, that will benefit everyone. And that is one of the few times on this page you will see me being completely serious and not sarcastic at all.