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The, um, prince of physical comedy

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The title to this entry was going to be the queen of physical comedy, but I figured, in the wake of the Bill Mohr racism thing, that might come off as horribly homophobic.
Of course, me saying that is a lot like the band Guar, responding to the Bill Mohr thing, saying, "Hey, we use the N-word all the time, and no one gets upset!" I guess being non-famous has its benefits. 
But I'm talking about David Hyde Pierce, the actor who played Niles on Frazier. If you're unfamiliar with that show, skip this entry.
I couldn't call him the king of physical comedy, because no one beats John Ritter, but Pierce is a close second, and I think, quite underrated. In Frazier, his prime source of humor was his unrequited lust (at least unrequited for several seasons) for Daphne, the nurse to his and Frazier's father. That lust led to so many funny moments, from the first time he tried to push himself up to sit on a counter and failed miserably until his head hit a pot rack, the vent hood and he slipped to the ground, or the infamous ironing scene, where he cuts his hand, faints at the sight of the blood, then awakens, sees the blood and faints again, repeatedly. 
He is, without reservation, a master at playing the straight man while stumbling all over the place, never breaking his fuddy duddy act. 
Perfection. If you haven't watched Frazier in awhile, I recommend it, if only for David Hyde Pierce's amazing performances.