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Seventeen more children dead. Blah, blah, blah, who cares?

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I have to use this disclaimer a lot: I'm a gun owner. I'm a supporter of the Second Amendment right to possess firearms.
But I'm also sick of children dying because the gun lobby has bought enough politicians to make sure there is no legal way to prevent psychopaths from using guns to murder dozens of innocent people. 
I have a shotgun. A. Shotgun. I don't own an assault rifle. I don't own a rifle at all. I don't own a pistol. If you come to my house intending to do me or my wife or children harm, I can unlock my ammunition box quickly enough to load my shotgun and blow your brains out. But if I wanted to go on a shooting rampage, I probably couldn't pull it off, because my shotgun is a single-shot breakover.. 
And that's the point. I can defend my family. I can kill a coyote. If I so desired, I could kill some game.
Gun assholes will argue that they need an arsenal to protect themselves against the government, but the truth is, the government possesses cruise missiles, tanks and nuclear bombs. If they want to kill you, you're dead, regardless of how many firearms you own.
So the fact is, our Second-Amendment rights allow us to provide game for our family and protect ourselves from ne'er-do-wells who might break in and threaten our families. 
But that shit has gotten out of control. 
We need some kind of legislation to make sure we de-arm the crazy fuckers who go into schools and kill dozens of people. Or malls. Or hotel rooms from which a nutbag can murder 500 people at a concert. 
It's time. 
Enough is enough.