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Oh, so brave to be a red dot in a sea of red

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My wife is very politically-minded. That said, she tries to keep politics off her Facebook page—unless it relates to rescuing animals. 
But occasionally, something pisses her off and she'll post it. For instance, the other day, she got out of her car and some redneck douchenozzle shouted, "Oh, my God! That bitch has a Hillary sticker on her car!"
When she told me, she prefaced it by saying "You should be glad you weren't there, because you would have felt compelled to defend my honor."
So I joked, "Maybe the guy wasn't making a political statement. I mean, he didn't say anything that wasn't true; maybe he was just narrating the situation."
I think she threw something at me; I can't really remember.
So some ancillary relative of hers jumped on her Facebook post about it and posted this:
Whats perplexing is that if you followed her career you would understand that she is the epitome of what we’ve had in office for years. She is a puppet for the people that are undermining the integrity of the greatest country in the world!! And they are doing it for personal gain as are the puppets .She has been caught in so many lies,broken every political law there is,my god she should be in prison,not running for any political position.If you women would pay more attention to these details you would see the true Hillary!!!! If you pray,you’d better pray that MR TRUMP is for real!!We really need a hero now!
I won't even address the English and grammar issues. Instead, because I told her I wouldn't respond on Facebook, I'm going to respond here, point by point.
"If you followed her career, you would understand..." Um, my wife has followed her career, since she was the first lady. And though Hillary wasn't either of our first choice (Bernie Sanders was), nothing in her career has suggested that she is "the epitome of what we've had in office for years."
"She is a puppet for the people that are undermining the integrity of the greatest country in the world." Oh, please, dear God, make the laughing stop! It hurts! The idea that such a statement could proceed from any orifice present on a supporter of DONALD FUCKING TRUMP is leg-slappingly hilarious. But it only gets better: "She has been caught in so many lies, broken every political law there is, my god, she should be in prison." Um, I think you added an "s" before every time you wanted to say "he." What political law you think she has broken can even begin to compare with colluding with a foreign enemy to rig an election? That law has a name, and it's "treason."
I just can't. Seriously. 
But the fact that he feels comfortable jumping in on someone else's page and spouting his shit explains so much. For instance, in my business, I deal with the public a lot, and I can't count the times someone has, out of the blue, just said something akin to "Obama is a [insert racial epithet here] and Hillary is a [insert not-clever sexuality jab here]!" The fact that they feel comfortable doing that explains just how far up the ass of a red state I really am.
I will gladly discuss politics with someone who doesn't agree with me, knowing beforehand I can't convince them of my view any more than they can convince me of theirs, as long as they're willing to discuss it on the basis of actual fact and not innuendo and conspiracy theories whipped up by talk radio and opinionated talking heads. 
And I swear, if another person who clearly hasn't tells me to "do the research," I swear I'm going to rip into them. Verbally, of course. To them, "do the research" too often means "I heard someone talking and they said they'd done the research, therefore, I consider myself to have done the research."
Being red in the middle of the reddest state requires no thought, no bravery, no "research." If you have really "done the research," before telling me to do my own, kindly present me with the "research" you did, and that does NOT include citing Facebook posts or the rants of crazy people posting on right-wing forums.