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Not too much sex; too much lesbian sex

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So one of my faithful readers finished Robby the R-Word today, and she, being an elderly lady, liked the writing, but didn't like the "f-word" being used so much (she must have not been paying attention while reading Minister of Justice) and hated ... HATED the lesbian sex scene in the middle of the book. 
She seemed to be OK with the lot lizard sex scene toward the end of the book, and the sex scene where a dude beats his wife to death during the act, but two consenting adult women—oh, hell no.
So it's not sex scenes she's against, it's just lesbian sex. She even overtly approved of the underage sex scene in Minister of Justice.
Now, don't get me wrong. I like this lady. Always have, always will. And I think it's perfectly OK to not like a book. In fact, I give her kudos for being able to coherently elucidate exactly the reasons she didn't like it. So I'm not talking shit about her. Instead, I'm using her to make a point: not every book is for every person.
The dozen or so other readers I've heard from personally all loved that scene—and the book. But a reader I like didn't. At least she was honest about it, which I also treasure. 
All that said, you'll never know just how offensive the lesbian sex scene really is if you don't buy the book and check it out for yourself!
Ha! See what I did there? I just sold ice to an Eskimo! (Hint: the lesbian sex scene is way more offensive than that Eskimo line). Shoo. Go buy the book.