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My copies of Robby the R-Word arrived

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My complimentary copies of Robby the R-Word arrived today in the mail. So, of course, I re-read the book, which I've read like a hundred times to date.
My good friend, Jan Jordan, is reading the book now, and he mentioned today that he really loved Chapter 10, which is also my favorite chapter, which describes the world from Robby's perspective, and a surprisingly emotional memory of his mother, which chokes me up every time I re-read it.
This re-read, however, I also got choked up on a much later chapter, which I hadn't to this point been affected by. Honestly, I hadn't expected to be affected by the book after this many reads, but a much later chapter that describes ... well, I'm not going to spoil it for you, apparently ... also choked me up. I've never been affected by something I've written in this way, so I guess what I'm saying is, BUY THE BOOK
You will not regret it. Guaranteed.