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Looky there; the review is on Amazon now

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The good review of my book, Robby the R-Word, by Publisher's weekly has now made its way to the book's Amazon page
Here it is: 
Wright's police procedural has a lot going for it: a complicated plot featuring a string of strangely related attacks; Robby Turner, a brilliant man who has been completely paralyzed for decades; a captivating, if scatological, beginning; and Detective Bain, who has enough politics to deal with and sufficient amounts of the underdog about her to put the reader in her corner. More importantly, the plot has enough twists, turns, and unearthing of unexpected connections between the characters to keep readers guessing who is responsible for beating Robby's father and other similar attacks. --Publisher's Weekly
Conveniently, they left out the part about the lesbian sex. But I'm not complaining. It looks pretty good from where I sit.*
It also looks like they now have the Kindle book on there, which is cool, since it's 11 dollars cheaper than the paperback.
So, overall, stoked. The book will be out in less than a month, and then you can voraciously consume it, because you won't be able to put it down (patented glue covers ensure that).
I have been goofing off on trying to get Father of Malice into agents' hands, so I guess I could be doing that instead of posting this. 
*Also, I laughed when the review said the opening is scatalogical. There is a little bit of shit in the first three chapters. It's funny I didn't really notice until someone else pointed it out.