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Fuck you, Calista Flockhart. 
You sit out the entire second season of Supergirl, and as a result, I decide I'm not going to buy the third season. 
And then, in the season two finale, you show up and make me remember why I loved this series. Emotional, personal, realistic, believable emotions crystallized in a hardass boss who has a heart of gold buried beneath the hardened surface.
Supergirl is shit without Calista Flockhart, and if she is in Season Three, I'll buy it. And fuck you, CW, for holding her back for an entire season. If she'd  been in the show more over the past season, I would have never complained. 
Realize a good thing when you have it, and pay her double, triple, to travel to Toronto and film the next season, because she is the only good thing about this show.