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J-j-j-jaded. That's what the Republicans are up to

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Mitch McConnell knows EXACTLY what he's doing.
Make a note of the date of this post, because I want to come back later and say "I told you so."
I have figured out why the Republicans in Congress aren't doing anything about Donald Trump when he is all-but literally begging them to impeach him. They're riding the storm out until just before the mid-term elections because he is giving them everything they have ever wanted.
Deregulation? Check. 
Tax cuts for the wealthy? Check. 
Benefit cuts for the poor? Check.
Lucrative war brewing? Check.
Effective censoring of Internet opposition? Check.
Cover for overt racism? Check.
Republicans don't like Donald Trump—and by "Republicans" I don't mean those who voted for him, I mean those in power. Their greatest coup was getting one of their darlings, Mike Pence, elected vice president. Because, mark my words, when the midterm elections get close, they're going to impeach the shit out of Donald J. Trump, which will assure their base that they're not crazy and not afraid of Trump and effectively cut off the groundswell against them—after they have gotten him to approve and pass every evil plan they've ever had. 
And then they can point to him and say, "It wasn't us, it was him!" Donald Trump is all too happy to take credit for the things he thinks are great accomplishments, and they're all too willing to let him have it, because then they don't have to face the flak for it.
So now, after they impeach and remove him, they'll have their best bud, Mike Pence, in the White House and the GOP's stomp of everyone making less than a million bucks a year can continue. It's a cold, calculated move by a party that, let's face it, can't be bothered with morals. Anyone who disagrees with that needs only to look at the GOP's official backing of a child molester for the completely befuddling reason elucidated by Trump: "We need his vote." 
This, from the party that claims to be the party of Jesus. Because we all know Jesus's well-known opposition to helping the poor, healing the sick and paying taxes.
The Party of Jesus is scheming like Judas, and I'm willing to lay money they'll fucking get away with it.
Mark my words.