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Father of Malice is now at 74,000 words. In two weeks.

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I've never heard of someone writing a novel in two weeks. 
It's probably happened, but I've never heard of it.
Father of Malice HAD to be told. Try as I might, it was all I could think of, the only thing I have wanted to do for the past two weeks. 
I believe it is, without reservation, the best book I've ever written, and I'm including the 100-plus books I ghost wrote when I was a ghost writer. I'm still a little way from the end, but strictly relying on word count, I have an entire novel of words racked up, so I'm stoked about it. Let's say I had a deadline and I had to turn in a novel tomorrow. I could wrap it up (unsatisfyingly, but still complete) tomorrow. 
Though the concept for Father of Malice has existed in my head for at least a year and I started writing on it several times, the truth is, the first word on that novel was written Jan. 14. That means 15 days later, I have written enough words to complete the entire novel (assuming I would leave it at 74,000). 
I know. That's exactly the same thing I said before. But I'm really, REALLY shocked at how quickly this novel has been written. If I could keep up that pace, I would be a BEAST at writing novels. Maybe now that I've unlocked the secret of making that happen, I will, but as of now, I'm just happy to see the end at the light of the tunnel (yeah, I know that phrase is supposed to be another way), and I can actually see this wrapping up before January is complete.
I don't care what happens after this, I will always brag that I completed a novel in two weeks. A novel I believe is the best thing I've ever written.