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I love the F Word

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I chose that headline because of the double meaning, obviously. 
I love to watch The F Word on FOX. That said, i don't think a lot of people are watching it, and I'll explain why.
The show is hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, a Michelin Star chef who is as famous for his tirades in the kitchen as for his universally lauded dishes. Each week, he posts the recipe he will be featuring that week on Twitter, and then, during the live show on Wednesday nights, he will sometimes feature some of the dishes prepared by viewers. 
But lately, he hasn't been, and when I went to the recipes earlier today (they post them the day before), they only had 16 likes—for a nationwide show. 
That said, I'm a Gordon Ramsay disciple, and that means I have tried to fix his recipes each week (skipped the chicken parm last week, though). This week was the first week I posted a picture on Twitter for them to peruse, although my pork chops in week 1 were to die for, but I cooked them after the show had aired. 
The dish above is a New York Steak, Sautéed Mushrooms, Fingerling Potatoes and homemade Smokey Barbecue Sauce. Overall, I'd say the dish was a great success (though I'm glad there are no comments on here, because I'm certain Jan Jordan would have something smartass to say about the aggressive sear on my steaks). The outside of the steak did get a little crispy, but the inside was cooked to medium-rare perfection. 
Overall, I think the recipe is largely a keeper, although I'd change up the barbecue sauce a little because I don't like chipotle that much. 
My wife is a vegan, so I took two vegan burgers, coated them in the rub used on the steaks, and cooked them on top of hot grapeseed oil. She said they were delicious, so I guess the rub is definitely a keeper. Other than that, to make the meal vegan, I only had to leave the Worchestershire sauce out of the barbecue sauce (it has anchovies in it), and use margarine instead of butter in the sautéed mushroom sauce.
Anyway, watch The F Word on Fox on Wednesdays. It's a fun show, and any show that can engage me enough to make me want to cook its recipes before it airs is a good show.