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Got yelled at by a child molester today. Again.

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Just when I really start to get weary of my business (journalism), A day like today happens. 
I went to court for a hearing for one of our local molesters, and surprisingly, the judge said to him, "I have a problem with you, and I just can't be fair in this case, so I'm recusing myself."
For Sean Spicer: "recusing" means backing out.
So the case went to another judge, and when the molester and his attorney left that judge's chambers, I asked the attorney, who I've known a long time, what happened. Before he could respond, the molester spun on his heels and yelled at me:
Of course, it is my business, since I Am the Media© and it is a public court case. But I didn't have time to say that before his lawyer told him to shut up.
Things like that really rejuvenate me. I love getting yelled at by the right people. For instance, if you're a perverted piece of shit who gets his jollies by coercing underage boys to have sex with you and then brags about how you'll never go to prison for it, I'm perfectly fine with you hating my guts for reporting on it.