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Et tu, Aaron? Et tu?

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Aaron Kaufman is the mechanical genius behind Gas Monkey Garage's massive success. And after this season of Fast and Loud, he's leaving. If you've been paying attention, you know this is one of my favorite shows, and initially, I was concerned. 
But the truth is, Fast and Loud doesn't depend on the prowess of its mechanics to be a good show. It's really a show about the relationships that create a growing business, and as such, it won't suffer from the departure of Kaufman.
He wanted to do more in-depth builds than the tight TV schedule would afford him, and I totally understand that. Richard Rawlings, the owner of the garage, wants to keep doing the stuff they've been doing that has made them successful for 12 seasons. I understand that, too. 
In the first season, he was fretting over ten thousand dollars. This latest season, he's dropping a million on cars, half a million on real estate, another half a million on an Indy racer and half a million more on other marketing. The show and his business ethics have made him a massive success, and that's what keeps me watching the show—the relationships he forges while building an empire.
So, though I love the artistry of Aaron Kaufman (Kaufmann? I'm too lazy to check), I will keep watching the show, because I think it's bigger than him. Also, if he does a show with in-depth builds, like he's talked about doing, I'll watch that, too.