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Critics are stupid. I love Iron Fist

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Ok. Disclaimer: I'm only two episodes into Netflix's Marvel series Iron Fist. But it took me this long to watch it because reviews of the series were universally bad.
And I'll be honest, when the show first started, I thought, "Come on, this is just a rehash of Green Arrow: Rich guy gets stranded somewhere, learns to be a badass, comes back as a super hero."
But the truth is, Iron Fist is so much more nuanced and fun to watch than Green Arrow. For one, there's an actual plot (rich guy doesn't care about being rich, just wants to reconnect with his childhood friends), and the writing and acting are solid.
I loved the fight scenes in Daredevil, and I thought I wouldn't love Iron Fist if I didn't see the same. Especially since it's a series about a super martial artist. But I was wrong. I love this story—the story of people who illegally took over a massive corporation and now don't want it's legitimate 51 percent owner coming and taking away their gravy train, even though he couldn't give a shit about the money or the corporation. So they use legitimate avenues to lock him in a mental ward, where medication ensures he doesn't cause them any more trouble. Man, that's a good story!
And Iron Fist tells it well, at least in the first two episodes. So I reserve final judgment for later, but for now I think the critics have a stick up their asses and just hate this show because it dares to tell an engaging story rather than jumping right into the ass kicking. We'll see as it progresses.