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Ahoy, matey

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Fish and chips.
So this week's "F Word" dish was fish and chips. Because I have to watch my carbs, that was a tricky one for me, but I just used almond flour instead of regular flour, and voila!
The chips were interesting, because Gordon Ramsay's recipe called for frying them at 300 degrees F, then letting them rest, turning up the oil to 350, and frying them again. Turns out, that's amazing. Makes the chips crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.
I used Alaskan Cod as my fish, and it turned out great!
For the curious, the recipe for the batter is simple: Three cups of flour, two tablespoons of baking soda and a 12-ounce can or bottle of beer (I used Miller Lite, because my wife loves it and it was handy [When I drink beer, I'm a Guinness man, but I prefer Scotch. As I tend to say after a glass or two, I like my whisky from Scotland and my beer from Ireland, but alas]). Also, a cup or so of dry flour seasoned with smoked paprika next to the batter is used to dredge the fish before dipping it in the batter. Once the oil (I used canola oil) is heated to 300, dredge the fish in the dry flour, then dip it in the batter. Once it's coated, hold the fish halfway in the oil for a few seconds, then drop the whole fish in and cook it for six minutes (I turned it halfway through). Pull the fish out and let it drain on a crumpled paper towel.
I was making my chips at the same time, and to do that, I used golden potatoes, sliced into fairly thick rectangles (see pic above). I fried them until they looked tender, but had no added color, then I pulled them out and laid them on a wire frame, letting them cool and drain. Afterward, I turned the oil up to 350 and put them back in until they were crispy, pulling them out and letting them drain on crumpled paper towels, during which I seasoned them with kosher salt and freshly-ground pepper (which, oddly, does not show in the picture).
The only thing I was missing was mashed peas and tartar sauce, which for some reason I forgot to make. Still, pretty damn good stuff.
It was all delicious, so you should try it.