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It's a lot of fun sometimes to go back and look at how you've changed over time. You have changed over time, haven't you? I have. I've changed a lot. 

For instance, consider this screenshot:

I used to be a political conservative. This was one of my sites in 1998

In the mid-to-late 1990s, I was a fundamentalist Christian and right-wing conservative political junky. To say I am the complete opposite now would be a completely accurate understatement. I'm a hopeful agnostic and a left-wing, radical socialist I-couldn't-care-less-about-politics kind of guy. G'head. Ask me who's running for president. You'll get a blank stare, because not only do I not know, I don't care. How does one change so radically? PLUG: Read my book to find out.

The point is, looking over things from the past, it's interesting to see how much is different and how much is the same. My sense of humor has changed remarkably little since those days. There are a lot more cuss words in my humor today than there were then, but otherwise, the type of humor that makes me laugh hasn't changed. Case in point: I have nothing against Hillary Clinton these days, but apparently in 1999, I did:


That still makes me laugh. I Photoshopped that image 16 years ago. My feelings about Mrs. Clinton have completely changed in that time from negative to positive, but for some reason, that image still makes me laugh.

As I perused the history of sites I used to run, I came away with a distinct impression of myself that isn't nearly as embarrassing as I assumed it would be. OK, it's still embarrassing, but less so than I feared. My politics then embarrass me now. As does my willfully blind faith of those days. But it's also fun to retrace my journey away from those things.

Great design lives

If bad design won awards, I'd be the winner for life

By 2000, I had already eased off the demagoguery and started focusing on ways to make more money. The site was ugly as hell, but in 2000, this wasn't actually that bad. I got a lot of clients this way, and I ended up doing a lot of work for politicians. 

Behind the scenes, I was beginning the actions that would lead to me deserting fundamentalism and conservatism. I had lots of questions about both - questions that no one would or could provide answers to, so I started digging for myself. There's a reason both philosophies frown on education. 

Don't be a girly man

Narcissism knows no political affiliation. I'm kidding. It's almost always right-wing. And it talks about itself using the royal "we". And DESPERATELY wants you to click on "Tech Support"

By 2002, I had completely transitioned the site into a business site, leaving politics and religion behind. Well, almost completely behind. I was still selling a Bible program, but other than that, there was no religion on the site. That's a pretty big transition for a guy who had spent the previous decade hosting sites like "Atheism Bites the Dust", dedicated to showing "misguided" atheists the errors of their ways, using pseudo-science and other religious babble. Hosting that particular site, by the way, was one of the biggest catalysts in my transition away from fundamentalism, since I spent a lot of time researching topics for that site. 

Ultimately, my religion pivoted based on the idea that the doctrine of absolute divine inspiration of the Bible was fundamentally flawed. If the Bible wasn't directly breathed out of the mouth of God, following it to the letter was untenable. Maybe someday I'll write longer about that transition.

Anyway, I let the domain name lapse in 2003, I think. Since that time, it has been parked by one of those places that buys up a ton of domain names and tries to re-sell them. The only domain I've owned consistently since the 1990s is, and I can never let it lapse, because there are like two other Leif Wrights in America who might scoop it up.