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Sean Goff was a dynamic Pentecostal minister who was already running his own church by the age of twenty-two. He had wed a pliable teenager and bent her to his will, eventually convincing her to agree to his secretly taking a second wife named Joy. Although at first the clandestine arrangement worked well, problems soon began to surface.

Leif Wright, Sean’s friend and co-worker, confronted Sean about his hidden polygamous lifestyle, which threatened to scandalize their employer, a world-famous televangelist.

Sean’s foray into polygamy led to his association with an online community where he earned respect by dispensing advice to other evangelical polygamists. He derided divorce as the sign of a weak man who didn’t know how to lead his women. It was especially troublesome to Sean when Joy hinted that she wasn’t happy and wanted to have a meaningful career. Then Joy suddenly disappeared, although friends continued to receive her e-mails. The messages seemed strange, and some wondered whether she was really traveling around Europe.

Leif Wright takes his readers into the mind of a ruthless, controlling killer in this straight-from-the-headlines true crime saga, leaving us all to question just how well any of us really knows our neighbors, friends and spouses.

Deadly Vows is a welcome true crime rarity -- a professional journalist’s best friend, a dynamic preacher, is actually a power-mad nut case with two wives -- and one of them wants (gasp) a career!! So, being in tune with God’s will, the preacher kills her and rips her body apart. Our award-winning journalist now must ask himself, Didn’t I see that he was whacko and this evangelist thing was a con-job for cash and power?

Bottom line -- Deadly Vows is an excellent real life thriller with more levels of revelation than a dream date with St. John himself. Don’t miss this one!

--The Legendary Burl Barer, author, radio host

Deadly Vows: The True Story of a Zealous Preacher, a Polygamous Union and a Savage Murder is available in hardcover or on Kindle at