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Leif M. Wright is the author of dozens of ghost-written books, and recently two traditionally published books under his own name, and one under contract:

  • 2014’s Deadly Vows
  • 2015’s Minister of Justice
  • Robby the R-Word is set for publication in spring of 2017.

Robby the R-Word

Robby Turner has been in a wheelchair for 40 years, most of which were spent with everyone assuming he was a vegetable. But he’s been there the whole time, seeing, hearing, feeling everything - and unable to get his body to communicate. Now, with the help of advanced computer systems, just as Robby is learning to communicate, people from his past are falling victim to a brutal - yet clumsy - assailant.

Bain has clawed her way up to detective by sheer guts and determination, and now she has to make sure her tumultuous personal life doesn’t ruin everything for her as she investigates her first real case - the assaults and murder surrounding Robby Turner. Is Robby involved? Is it even possible that someone so severely handicapped could be behind the vicious crimes? Could she really let such a bumbling amateur of a criminal slip away and ruin her chance to prove she’s fit for the job?

Robby the R-Word... (makes you) think about the dark shadows lurking in the otherwise vividly bright world. Above all, (it) is dark, detailed, daring, gritty, gruesome, emotional, and it isn’t suited for the faint of heart. (You) feel uncomfortable, wincing and crying as you read it. The daring style is comparable to Chuck Palahniuk’s novels.

-- Amy O’Hara, acquisitions editor, Promontory Press

Publisher's Weekly also reviewed Robby:

Wright's police procedural has a lot going for it: a complicated plot featuring a string of strangely related attacks; Robby Turner, a brilliant man who has been completely paralyzed for decades; a captivating, if scatological, beginning; and Detective Bain, who has enough politics to deal with and sufficient amounts of the underdog about her to put the reader in her corner. More importantly, the plot has enough twists, turns, and unearthing of unexpected connections between the characters to keep readers guessing who is responsible for beating Robby's father and other similar attacks.

Robby the R-Word  is on and in bookstores everywhere.

Minister of Justice

Everybody loved attorney Mike Samuelson.

Well, except for whoever killed him and chopped him up.

The cops are baffled as the killer seems to know all their moves. Mike’s brother, Steve, is a reformed fire-and-brimstone preacher who was just mending their minced relationship, but now he must figure out who minced his brother. A strange little man and a high-school beauty whose false claim of rape may have touched off the murder seem anxious to help, but can Steve and this unlikely pair figure out who the killer is before he realizes they’re chasing him?

Throw in a good dose of high-school hormones, a frustrated, grizzled detective and a random hoarder with a horrifying secret, and Steve may just find himself and his friends on the business end of a ruthless killer with nothing to lose.

MINISTER OF JUSTICE is a gritty, revenge-soaked roller coaster of a book. Strong characterizations and clearly detailed scenes made me want to be the one chasing the bad guy! If you like your murder mysteries raw and honest, this is one you’ll find hard to put down.

--Daryl Buckner, author of The Tutor and Candy From a Stranger.

Leif Wright has created a compelling series of eastern Oklahoma characters and intertwined them in a series of grisly murders centering on the protagonist who becomes the Minister of Justice. The plot twists will keep readers awake late into the night as they follow each development. The well-written prose gripped me early and remained fascinating.

--Betty Ridge, author of Deadlines: Covering Crime, Courage and Characters.

Minister of Justice is available in paperback and on Kindle at

Deadly Vows

Sean Goff was a dynamic Pentecostal minister who was already running his own church by the age of twenty-two. He had wed a pliable teenager and bent her to his will, eventually convincing her to agree to his secretly taking a second wife named Joy. Although at first the clandestine arrangement worked well, problems soon began to surface.

Leif Wright, Sean’s friend and co-worker, confronted Sean about his hidden polygamous lifestyle, which threatened to scandalize their employer, a world-famous televangelist.

Sean’s foray into polygamy led to his association with an online community where he earned respect by dispensing advice to other evangelical polygamists. He derided divorce as the sign of a weak man who didn’t know how to lead his women. It was especially troublesome to Sean when Joy hinted that she wasn’t happy and wanted to have a meaningful career. Then Joy suddenly disappeared, although friends continued to receive her e-mails. The messages seemed strange, and some wondered whether she was really traveling around Europe.

Leif Wright takes his readers into the mind of a ruthless, controlling killer in this straight-from-the-headlines true crime saga, leaving us all to question just how well any of us really knows our neighbors, friends and spouses.

Deadly Vows is a welcome true crime rarity -- a professional journalist’s best friend, a dynamic preacher, is actually a power-mad nut case with two wives -- and one of them wants (gasp) a career!! So, being in tune with God’s will, the preacher kills her and rips her body apart. Our award-winning journalist now must ask himself, Didn’t I see that he was whacko and this evangelist thing was a con-job for cash and power?

Bottom line -- Deadly Vows is an excellent real life thriller with more levels of revelation than a dream date with St. John himself. Don’t miss this one!

--The Legendary Burl Barer, author, radio host

Deadly Vows: The True Story of a Zealous Preacher, a Polygamous Union and a Savage Murder is available in hardcover or on Kindle at